12CU, the forerunner in large-scale office analytics. Our software gives insight into office occupancy and utilization so you can save on costs and optimize your office space. Above all, we make office analytics simple.

Our Rabobank Project includes 14 offices with 11.500 workplaces and is still growing! So, we are experienced in large-scale implementation. Yet, we find potential in smaller organizations just as easily. In order to guarantee insightful data, we have defined a bottom limit of 500 workplaces. These workplaces can either be located in one office or spread among multiple office locations.



 ‘The 12CU mentality:
Work hard, be professional 
and have fun in the process’


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It is a fact that every empty workplace leads to unnecessary expenses. To us, ICT nerds, saving costs is a simple matter of smart calculations and seeing the potential in your office space. So far, we have helped our clients save over 20% of their yearly workplace costs. 


1000 Workplaces
1 Workplace = € 10.000, – per year
12CU Office Analyzer improves occupancy by 20%.
Now, your people fit into 20% fewer workplaces!

With our savings calculator, you can make an estimate of the yearly costs you could potentially save yourself by means of the Big Data our software gathers.

Ready to save costs, collect Big Data and analyze your office space? 


Smart Buildings are the new standard. Our 12CU Analyzer fits this new standard perfectly and makes old-school manual counting obsolete. Our software adapts to your organization’s needs and works cost-efficiently. The algorithm is designed with artificial intelligence to provide insight in real-time building occupancy on a continual basis. It will help you to understand occupancy and utilization of one building and across your full building portfolio.
12CU has the knowledge to simplify office analytics. Do you want to f
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Working together can lead to a deeper understanding of clients, stronger business relationships, and a better service. We work in unison with a variety of partners such as KPN, Cisco and HP/Aruba. Together we serve clients and offer multifaceted support by combining our strengths. We are always looking for ways to work together with other leaders within the industry, allowing us and our partners to feed off each other’s expertise.

Together with our partners,
    we can truly make 
a difference in office analytics
for our clients’


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Are you more interested to find out what our products entail? Visit our Product page. Did the Rabobank Project catch your eye? You can read more about this project in our Client Cases!




‘At its core, our software is about
the use of office space.
In reality,
our solution is about cutting unnecessary costs’


Our promise
We exist to keep it simple and put a stop to useless technological hassle. The 12CU implementation is straightforward, and our Big Data is reliableWe understand that every client is unique, which is why we offer a product scalable to your organization.

Our two products:

12CU Office Analyzer:
A smart algorithm that gathers Big Data by means of Wi-Fi and translates this data into a user-friendly, web-based, dashboard showing building occupancy and utilization.

12CU Desk Finder:
A Smartphone App for the building user. The App will help you find a suitable spot to work.

What’s the cut?
Our software uses your existing Wi-Fi network to gather Big Data. Our simple dashboard shows the use of your building at all times. Our 12CU Office Analyzer retrieves Big Data and filters out the specific insights you are looking for. By implementing the 12CU Office Analyzer in multiple office locations you can compare occupancy. You can move departments around to fit the needs of your people and use the entirety of office space efficiently.
The philosophy we live by is to show rather than tell. Based on this, we have developed our Savings Calculator. You simply fill in the blanks and the calculator will make an estimate of the real-estate costs you could save.



‘We are resourceful professionals
with a reliable, scalable, and secure product’


How it works

Our software visualizes building utilization in real-time and differentiates based on your organizational structure. Devices equipped with Wi-Fi are visible on the Wi-Fi network. The data obtained from the existing Wi-Fi network is translated into occupancy/traffic information. We applying artificial intelligence (AI) to our algorithms to make sense of Big Data. The information you need is presented in an easy-to-use dashboard.

In order to ensure privacy for the building users, no personal information is retrieved by our software. Do you have additional concerns about privacy challenges? Find out more about our Privacy policy.

Client Cases
Our clients tell the real story of how we work and what we offer. Curious to find out what our clients have to say? Just take a look at the 12CU
Client Cases

Ready to get ahead?
12CU is ready for the new digital revolutions. The Internet of Things (IoT) is common practice for our team. Our products allow your organization to be connected 24/7 easily and we see limitless possibilities to use this connectivity to your advantage. Are you ready to start? It is just a matter of setting up a meeting.

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What happens next?
A full 12CU project comprises the following eight steps:

  1. Kick-off meeting
  2. On-site check
  3. Project goals and planning
  4. Privacy impact analysis
  5. Building/Organization mapping
  6. Installation of software
  7. Ready the algorithm to start learning
  8. Software Launch

The process from the evaluation of the infrastructure until the software launch takes up approximately nine weeks.

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Experience: We have over six years of experience in Big Data mining, using Artificial Intelligence to develop our algorithm.

Value Customers: Our customers are the reason we exist! We value each and every one of them and work to bring out the best in ourselves and our customers.

Dedication: We will keep it simple; we apply all our knowledge and skills to warrant accurate data and an easy product to answer to your needs.

Curiosity: We believe that curiosity will lead to progress. 


‘Smart use of Big Data analytics is the most profitable commodity I know is’


Who we are
Our 12CU team is dedicated and experienced in the field of office analytics. We are a team of nine, which allows us to stay focused and respond quickly to our client’s needs. Our diversity is our strength. We combine the perspectives of the new generation, the insight of experienced ICT nerds, and the expertise of two veterans in corporate conduct. Our mentality is simple: Work hard, be professional and have fun in the process!


‘The Internet of Things is connecting and constructing
our future as we speak’


Our future perspective
We predict organizations will come to face three significant developments:

Generations with different working styles will start working alongside each other. Your organization will have to adapt to the needs of this diverse group of people.
The organization of the future will find itself faced with technological developments and the Internet of Things (IoT) transforming corporate conduct.
Real-estate will become more expensive, causing every square meter to become more costly.

It is our mission to create an easy to use software, lowering the barrier for you to create a Smart Building. 12CU programs groundbreaking software. Software that will help you to facilitate the new working style of your people. We promise to maintain an up-to-date product that fits into today’s digital age. Most of all, we will apply ourselves to bringing out the full potential of your office space.

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Are you interested to find out more about our product? Our Product

We have published an article including things to consider in Smart Building Development. A small peek into the future as well as the past. Are you interested? 


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