12CU Saving’s Calculator


Optimizing office occupancy and utilization will help you fit more people into less space. It is a puzzle of occupancy rates and our 12CU Office Analyzer will make it simple. Simply put: your savings potential boils down to a reduced need for square meters. There are three practical outcomes:

1 More people fit into one office location. As a result, you could sign fewer leases or acquire fewer buildings. More people fit into one office, hence corporate expansion could be postponed. 3 More people fit into fewer floors. You could make do with a smaller lease.

Our calculator can be used to estimate the savings potential for your organization. Choose the settings that fit your organization using the white fields with a drop-down function, the savings calculator will do the rest.
Number of WorkPlaces (WP)     Current Occupancy rate Intensified Occupancyrate by means of the 12CU Office Analyzer
Flexratio   Average occupationrate percentage 0 0
Current Occupancy rate %   Maximum number employees my offices    
Desired occupancy rate improvement %   M2 per employee present 0 0
M2 per WP (NFC-index 2016) 20   Workplace Optimization   0
M2 floor space VVO 10000   PER EMPLOYEE costs WP    
Costs per WP (NFC-index 2016) € 9220   SAVINGS per year.   € 0