Experience: We have over six years of experience in Big Data mining, using Artificial Intelligence to develop our algorithm.

Value Customers: Our customers are the reason we exist! We value each and every one of them and work to bring out the best in ourselves and our customers.

Dedication: We will keep it simple; we apply all our knowledge and skills to warrant accurate data and an easy product to answer to your needs.

Curiosity: We believe that curiosity will lead to progress. 


‘Smart use of Big Data analytics is the most profitable commodity I know is’


Who we are
Our 12CU team is dedicated and experienced in the field of office analytics. We are a team of nine, which allows us to stay focused and respond quickly to our client’s needs. Our diversity is our strength. We combine the perspectives of the new generation, the insight of experienced ICT nerds, and the expertise of two veterans in corporate conduct. Our mentality is simple: Work hard, be professional and have fun in the process!


‘The Internet of Things is connecting and constructing
our future as we speak’


Our future perspective
We predict organizations will come to face three significant developments:

Generations with different working styles will start working alongside each other. Your organization will have to adapt to the needs of this diverse group of people.
The organization of the future will find itself faced with technological developments and the Internet of Things (IoT) transforming corporate conduct.
Real-estate will become more expensive, causing every square meter to become more costly.

It is our mission to create an easy to use software, lowering the barrier for you to create a Smart Building. 12CU programs groundbreaking software. Software that will help you to facilitate the new working style of your people. We promise to maintain an up-to-date product that fits into today’s digital age. Most of all, we will apply ourselves to bringing out the full potential of your office space.

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We have published an article including things to consider in Smart Building Development. A small peek into the future as well as the past. Are you interested? 


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