Client Cases


René van Willigen – Business Consultant Facilities:
’12CU delivers the results we need, they are approachable which is pleasant’


Rabobank is our oldest client. The organization believes that we as a global society can achieve great things by co-operating with each other. The bank is dedicated to creating a better place to work and realise the ambitions of their customers.

The Organization
As an organization, Rabobank faces a dynamic flow of visitors from numerous different sectors and organizations on a daily basis. To create structure and gain insight into building occupancy, a flexible and dependable system was needed. We found our way into Rabobank through the innovation department. Today, we work closely together with their Facilities department. After a pilot, Rabobank recognized the benefits our software had to offer compared to counting manually. After several meetings, we translated the 12CU Big Data to a Rabobank spreadsheet to fit the organization’s needs. Currently,  Rabobank receives the 12CU data in a database. The results are summarized in our dashboard on a weekly basis. Rabobank is using our product in 14 buildings. This corporeal entity comprises over 11.500 workplaces!

René van Willigen – Business Consultant Facilities:
‘Back in the day, we counted manually. The downside to that method was that there was no way of knowing which profile members used what floor. We had no idea if our floor plan reflected reality. 12CU changed that!’


Rather than creating heat maps,
we showed data based on organizational
structure and profiles. Not only did this fit
Rabobank’s needs, we firmly believe it offers
more useful insight into building utilization.
Through the time we spent developing
software for Rabobank we finalized
the standard software we offer today.


The future
We will continue to work with Rabobank to optimize every single square meter of their offices. More insight into the office utilization and occupancy will increase efficient use and eventually decrease the need for additional office space. The more efficient workspace you create in existing offices, the less square meters you have to lease.