Daan Kleijnen – Data-Driven Solutions of CUBES by KPN: “Our strategy is simple: To simplify, to grow and to innovate. All to make our smart society smarter, every single day.”


Smart Building partners
Since 2015, CUBES by KPN lay down the groundwork, we built your Smart Office on top. We believe these Smart Building technologies to lead the new working style as the pillar of the smart corporate society. With the best of both worlds, we combine the knowhow of KPN’s connectivity and 12CU’s scalable application to deliver a trustworthy service. Our software is your tooling to customize and create your own smart flexi-work environment.

Daan Kleijnen – CUBES by KPN: “The starting point to any organization is “What do you want to achieve?” and “Is there existing infrastructure that we can cost-efficiently (re-)use?”


The 12CU  Office Analyzer uses the existing KPN Wi-Fi infrastructure, to maintain expenses to a minimum without compromising on the accuracy of your data. Together with our client, we define the clients’ potential improvements in the workspace, design a suited solution, define project goals, before KPN and 12CU implement the solution. Together, we make a difference; at ING and Fontys we created a smart work environment, where our data optimizes square meter usage. 

CUBES by KPN: “Our mission is to Innovate with Impact. To succeed, we have to work with complementing partners who share the same values and ideas. 12CU fits that description!”


The Organization
CUBES is the Innovation Engine of KPN where new products spring to life. From a telecom company in the old days, today CUBES by KPN ignites the Netherlands to progress. Their strategy is simple: To simplify, to grow and to innovate. CUBES by KPN has less to do with telecoms and more and more with today’s technology built on connectivity, data and security.  We both believe that IoT, blockchain, API and common sense are the key building blocks to tomorrow’s development.


Daan Kleijnen – CUBES by KPN: “Basically every aspect of our professional lives will become automated. We already see it around us today!”


The future
Both CUBES by KPN and 12CU partner in the journey to lead the way with Smart Building innovations. We intend to set the smart corporate society standard of tomorrow!